Areas of Focus

Our Focus

Dealing with legal matters can be very stressful. We understand the frustration and emotion that can burden someone going through difficult times. The Court system can be overwhelming if you do not understand the court rules and procedures. With over 30 years of combined legal experience our attorneys zealously represent their clients. Their knowledge and experience gives the attorneys the ability to evaluate the issues of each case and develop a strong strategy to achieve successful results.  

Family Law Matters

If you are dealing with divorce, custody issues, child or spousal support, removal issues, domestic violence, juvenile matters, civil union dissolution, or post-judgment issues, our attorneys will give your case the time and attention you deserve. Clients' questions and concerns are always answered in a prompt and courteous manner. Clients are always kept informed as to the on-going status of their case and they are involved in all communications and decisions throughout the entire court process.

Real Estate Transactions

Whether you are purchasing a new home, refinancing your existing mortgage or selling your property, our team works closely with clients by communicating and guiding them through the entire process in a timely and thorough manner. Our 32 years of experience handling real estate matters ensures our clients are given the necessary information and legal advice they need to make knowledgeable informed decisions concerning complex and costly real estate transactions. 

Veteran's Benefits

Jayne M. Lambo, Esquire is accredited by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs to represent veterans and their family members to ensure they receive all of the benefits they are entitled to. Jayne will prepare and file the necessary documents on behalf of the veteran or their family to the Veterans Administrative Regional Office and submit claims for all eligible benefits. 

Construction Matters

Our attorneys have over 30 years of combined experience working in all areas of the construction industry. The attorneys are experienced in representing developers in making business decisions, buying or selling new properties, or litigating construction disputes in the court system or in arbitration. Our attorneys will always zealously represent their clients to achieve the best possible results.

Breach of Contract

Trying to enforce a contract can be confusing and frustrating. Our attorneys have an extensive understanding of Contract Law and the implications in various transactions. Our attorneys give the clients the necessary legal advice to enter into legally enforceable contracts and to litigate any breach of the contract to ensure our clients' rights are fully protected. 


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